This is me.

Who are you?

Hi there, i'm Bean, otherwise known as Danny.

How old are you?

I'm 14 at the time of writing. I was born on 9 February 2005. I used to say that my birthday was 25 April, but that's so people wouldn't think I was young.

Where are you from, and where do you live?

I was born in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. I live in the state of Nevada, in the good 'ol US of A. I moved on 28 May of last year.

I know that you're thinking, "Isn't it super hot over there?"

Actually, I don't live where you think I live. The place that you're thinking about is Las Vegas, Nevada. I live in Reno, Nevada, some 7 hours and 450 miles (about 725 kilometres for the rest of the world) away from Las Vegas. It's very balanced over here, as the summers hit temperatures of 90° F (32° C for the rest of the world) and winters hit 30°F (-1° C) here.

What do you do?

What do I do? I do lots of things. I sleep, eat, sit down- oh. you mean what do I do for a living or something.

Well, I don't work (yet), but I do develop Discord bots and manage Discord servers. More on those below.

What do you do on Discord?

I will divide this part into two sections: Discord bots and Discord servers.

Discord bots

I currently am actively working on a bot called Bendgate, which you can find here. As for coding libraries, I work in both Eris and discord.js. I do my coding in Javascript.

Discord servers

I actively administrate a Discord server:

Vancouver City — Roleplay. I administrate this server (as of 19 June 2019). This roleplay server takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, present-day 2019. This server is one of my highest priorities on Discord. You can join the server here.